And now, the first mandatory recipe of the blog!

Good evening dear readers!

I have not made an herb spiral as of yet but I have however retreived the plants required for it from another plot in a park here in Malmö. While there I also got a bunch of kale! I love kale and it grows really well in this godforsaken climate and tastes even better as the cold bites harder. So being that today was the first real autumny day with grey sky, icy wind you know the works, I decided to make a delicious meal. And a delicious meal I made, I present to you:


For the potatoe and kale gratin you need:

A bunch of potatoes





salt n pepa (s here and we’re in effect want you to push it babe…..)


You slice and boil the kale in salt water for a while, about 15 minutes. Slice potatoes, garlic onions and put a layer of this in an ovenproof thing, spread over some kale and repeat. Cover it all with cream and cheese. In the oven for about 45 minutes?

Now you make apple sauce, which is like äppelmos but I made it savory. For this you need:

a bunch of apples

some lemon peel

lemon juice


a bit of sugar (I had some white sugar and a smidget of clayed sugar (farin socker))

salt n pepa (s here and we’re in effect want you to pusch it babe…..)

peel the apples and dice em, put them with all the other ingredients in a pot to boil for about 15 minutes or until soft and gewy. Add a bit of water for more saucelike character.

And the turkey you fry on all sides and then pop it in the oven with a thermometer until it says 70 degrees then it is done. Salt n pepa (you know the drill!) and slice and serve with the other goodies! Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “And now, the first mandatory recipe of the blog!

  1. Anna says:

    Du har verkligen blivit kock!

  2. Martin L says:

    Vilken grym idé med odlingslotter! Jag har precis ställt mig i kö! Kram/ Martin

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