The time has come to plot for independence!

So, here we are, me and my husband Rachid, in the middle of the small city Malmö in the south of Sweden following the path to grown up life by taking student loans and studying. All the while wishing we had our own parcel of land somewhere where we could make our dream of self-suffiency come true. We have tried, with little success to live outside of the system in Morocco but we found the system reeling us in again and again. Finally we gave in and said to ourselves “why not use the system to get what we want?”. Therefor we came back to Sweden, where I grew up, to study and get more or less high-paying, but more importantly, stable and meaninful jobs that could give us the opportunity to save money and buy a piece of land somewhere.

So, here we are, living in a big flat in the middle of the city, letting the system get us. But we wont let it swallow us whole, so this spring we got an alotment! An alotment is here in Sweden, a small piece of land, in our case it’s 150 square meters, that the city allots among anyone who is interested. You simply stand in line. wait for a letter that gives you an overview of the area of alotments and you pick one. You sign a contract and pay a small fee every year for water. If you live in Sweden just search for odlingslotter on your towns homepage. If you don’t live in Sweden and have never heard of this sort of deal, find out if your town or city has this and if not demand it! Every future city should have a huge amount of alotments close to where people live to end the complete reliance of the countryside to supply food for cities. Another thing you can do is ask your town office for a piece of land in the city that is not being used and make a community garden.

Our lite plot is not very close to our apartment. In fact it is, like most alotments, placed on the very edge of the city closed to a highway and/or railway. Why are the alotments here you ask? Well simply because you can’t build houses so close to the road. Luckily for us we have found a place next to a golf-course, where an old and no longer used railway seperates the golf course from the alotments. It is still pretty close to the highway but you still get a sense of peace and a slight image of what life on the countryside must be like. Pure bliss! Now I just talked to our Nicholas who share our alotment with us about going there to make an herb-spiral. I will get back to you with pictures of our success! Until then, start plotting!



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