Twisting and turning in the system

The system! The Man!

I’m glad I got that out of my system. Systeeeem!! It’s a weird word, system. Sounds like syster and cysta and stem and something a bit sci-fi. I am writing to you today since I left me apartment to join other systemized people in the library of the system, to study the system from the systems point of view (haha I was reading Hamlet). It was ridiculously full of people, all wanting their piece of the system. Stuffing there heads full of it while consuming the edible parts of the system from aluminium wraps and plastic bottles with vitamin signs. Eagerly they were leaning over their laptops and books, as if they were a herd of thirsty desert animals that after days of walking finally found a stream. But as the minutes past on the clock on the wall their faces looked more and more drained, their posture weakened as they slouched more and more on their chairs and I just kept blowing my nose.

The guy in front of me in the quite reading section of the library left after I came, guess it was unbareable for him to sit opposite of such a beautiful young woman, I mean how could he concentrate on whatever boring thing he had dedicated his life to pursue with me on the other side of the table? He left understandebly and all was divinly quite and I couldn’t start blogging, or cleaning or make a new recipe or nothing so I dived into Hamlets weird danish world and was quite consumed by it and my own parallel line of thoughts about it when a girl made an entrance and very loudly dumped all of her five thousand things on the by the man oh so distracted by my beauty, abandoned seat in front of me, while examining the titles of my books. She disappeared for a while and I went back to Denmark. She returned and the first thing she did after putting her humungous book that i suppose was the book of the swedish law with lots of colorful marks in it, on some sort of bookstand was to get a bunch of papers and rip them apart in quite a dramatic fashion.

Uh-oh I thought, this will be a distracting person. And right I was, after that she started glueing papers to her notebook, rip the sides of papers, flip the pages of her notebook and distribute tiny stickers on them for like half an hour. I was like AAAMAGAWD what is wrong with you!?!? Can’t you do that at home? Must you pollute the air of this disciplined place of system worship with your noise and glue? I tried to manifest my disapproval of her noisiness with sighing and looking up from my book every now and again with a stern look. But she was in her own world of glue and stickers. So my study time was justifibly ruined since I could do nothing but observe this creature on the other side on the table and wonder; who the fuck was she? Why do some girls my age get so obsessed with glue and rubbers and stickers? Is their idea of a great time going shopping at the office supply store? Do they have blogs of their own where they go all like “Today I got a new stapler! It’s grey!” Did something horrible happen to her to make her so manic? She seemed to get upset at her notes all the time and was filling in already perfectly visible letters with her mouth tightly pursed. She scared me. She had a pen from the swedish church. Was her father an evil priest that abused her as a child? Or was her father a very strict christian that brainwashed her with fear? These things I will never know, and I didn’t finish Hamlet either.

Autumn is here for real now, grey sky for all eternity until spring arrives. Good thing about the system in these times is music! Tom Waits has a new album! And I just found Lana del Rey, the kings wool.

Enjoy it!

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One thought on “Twisting and turning in the system

  1. lasuegra says:

    I recomend you the film “Office Space” where a red stapler plays an importent part!!!

    Roligt inlagg, kan just se for mej vakra Selma suckandes o stirrandes stint paa andra unga damen o inte blev hon forskrackt– konstigt egentligen….???

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