Autumn’s gifts

Sweet lord of jesus it is laaaate! And yet here I am writing a blog entry in very poor english while listening to the same songs over and over again. I feel a slight regression….

So! Today was an exciting day! Me and my beloved husband went to the beach to get some mulch material in the form of seaweed! In the spring we also made a crappy sheet mulch with a bit of seaweed but because it was spring and people starting showing up at the beach a big ass tractor came and removed it all. Now in the fall there is a ton of seaweed, so go get some for your compost or your garden beds!

When we got to the alotment the lawnmowing man (I’m presumptously assuming it’s a man) had mown all of the lawn on the outside of our plot, which meant even more mulch material in the form of grassclippings (a very good mulch material)! Plus leaves are falling like crazy so you just say thank you and gather it all in a pile. We don’t have a rake but luckily for us there is a golf course right beside our plot and there they have these pits of sand with rakes in every single one of them! Plus a huge mountain of old trees and boards and other useful stuff that they probably use for burning witches. Yeah cus they burn it all down and then we are left with a bunch of ashes to get, which is great to mix into the soil. So many gifts!

So in the amazingly beautiful autumn mist we finished the sheetmulching we had started, we still have alot left but next week we are both “free” and now that the good lord is sending us mulch materials in all kinds of forms we might just have mulched the whole thing next week. What is sheet mulching and why does it seem so important you ask? Sheet mulching is a way of getting great soil withouth disrupting the soil and dig it to pieces. It’s basically putting a bunch of organic material like compost and manure under (or over, depends on the technique) newspapers that will prevent any weeds from growing and at the same time create a soft humid compost soil underneath. You usually top it with straw and then you just sit back, relax and have a smoothie while nature does all the work!

Rachid thought I should bend over a bit so that mulching looks like work, which it's not.

Our plot is in dyer need of this treatment, when we got it in April this year it was an abandoned plot that no one lasted very long on. It was a meadow of weed, it still is. Very beautiful, but the soil was so compact and had a greyish layer once we got to see it. A bit like cement. We made two keyhole beds in the spring with horse manure, but thats about all the improvment we could manage since we spent all summer in Spain. Now the whole plot is covered in grass and other evil plants. They shall all crumble under the sheet of mulch!

Then we planted garlic! Yeeey! Planting garlic is very easy, you just put it in the ground. That’s pretty much what we did. We covered it with grassclippings as an indication to the grass that we will mulch there so there is no point in growing. We’ll se how that goes.

And of course, I made a delicious meal when we got home. On the alotment I have alot of time to think about what to eat later. I got nostalgic and made a dish I used to make as a vegetarian teen, with mock chicken and microwaved potatoes. Now I’m a grown up, a woman, a wife. So I made


We picked a pumpkin from the plot in the park about two weeks ago and I have already made 5 dishes with it and I can make at least two more with it. It was a Dill’s Atlantic Giant pumpkin, they can get as big as 600 kg, so this one was a teeny little baby in comparison.

For this dish you need baked potatoes, DON’T buy special big potatoes for baking, like I did, they are just big potatoes that cost four times more than normal potatoes. Just get the biggest ones of the regukar cheap ones instead.  Bake them in the oven 220 degrees for about an hour if they are big and 45 minutes if they are ordinary.

For the filling you grate a piece of pumpkin (about 300-400 g), slice one onion and one clove of garlic. Fry the onion in oil until soft, add garlic and currypowder, fry for a minute or two and then add a can of tuna (can be excluded of course or replaced by chicken which makes much more sense than tuna) fry another minute and add the pumpkin. Now for the pumpkin needs to fry for quite a while to get that soft, sweet flavour. It will give up juice that it will boil in. Only after about 20 minutes does the sweetness come out (this is the case with this yellow pumpkin anyway). When the pumpkin melts when you put it in your mouth it is done. Add cream fraiche and voila! Serve with sallad and go to bed happy!

Tomorrow I’m gonna talk about chickory!



3 thoughts on “Autumn’s gifts

  1. lasuegra says:

    Que bueno veros aunque sea en fotos!! Tengo un trozo de pumpkin asi que ya se lo que hare!

  2. n says:

    oj, jag missade denna post pa na’vanster. YOU are awesome!

  3. Jag behöver också mulch från havet ;( Jag kommer ihåg när jag bodde i Höganäs, där fanns det alltid en massa täckmaterial att hitta gratis vid stranden. Här finns det inget alls…Jag har förstås krattat tomten och samlat till vintertäcke.

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