I’m a chicory, you’re a chicory

Hello! Yes I know it is now like 4 days later and I know you have all been on the edges of your seats waiting for my post about chicory. But wait no more you shant, meaning you needn’t sit so uncomfortably anymore because here it is, the chicory post!

LOOK at this plant! Isn’t that just a beautiful invention of the almighty? What is that? It’s a chicory! Also known as radicchio (rosésallad in our parts of the world). This plant is (googeling…….) great! It’s a perenneal who thrives in this cold climate! It withstands frost and can be kept in the ground well into winter. You can have fresh lettuce in the winter! It is basically, apart from the herbs and the cabbages, the only thing still growing on the plot. And it’s such a beauty to watch! At first it was just a chaos of leaves but as soon as the weather got a bit colder they all curled up in a defensive stance and went all introvert. Just like us swedes!

If you never tried it, it has a very bitter taste (like us swedes!) so if you eat it as a sallad you should mix it with other lettuces. Or fry it and it will be delicious! It also has medicinal properties that you can read about here. Plants for a Future is like the IMDB of plants!


We have two varieties of radicchio on our plot, we have palla rossa, the one you see in the pictures above and the reder one Rossa di verano, both of them are from organic seeds that we bought at Suffolk herbs.


2 thoughts on “I’m a chicory, you’re a chicory

  1. lasuegra says:

    Vilka vakra vaxster, precis som ni svenskar!!

  2. En av mina favoriter! De är ju så snygga./ kram Tyra


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