My first ever chicken!

Hello everybody! I haven’t posted as rabidly as I usually do, the main reason is that I had to return the camera I had borrowed and since I am opposed to the idea of taking a job (I’m just too much of a diva) I haven’t bought my own. Nothing that isn’t edible seems worth my money, that’s why it will take a long time for me to get used to the idea of how much a crappy digital camera costs and how many great old non digital cameras I could get for the same price and not feel bad about it. Give me at least another month (and some cash!). Anywho blogging without pictures, how utterly boring. But hey, it’s better than nothing. Rule number one of blogging, however meaningless or boring your post is, it’s better than nothing. Unless you are one of those plastic surgered bloggers who ruin the lives of millions of insecure teenage girls by showing your ugly plastic self in various poses everyday, you should ALWAYS refrain from posting. You know, help save the world. In your on little way.

While the shallow bloggers save the world I make it just a little bit worse by buying my first ever chicken. Not a live one, a dead one. I’ve been “vegetarian”  (a period I ate fish, and for a while I was vegan) for about ten years until a year ago and I have never, until this day bought a chicken. It is now laying comfortable in my oven, surrounded by potatoes, carrots and an onion. Carefully rubbed in an


use your favourite herbs or the ones at hand, I used

fresh sage, thyme and oregano

two big cloves of garlic

salt n pepa

olive oil

the peel of one lemon

For you who have beared with me for my short time in the blog world, know by now that I’m not very fond of measurments. I just freestyle and you should too! But be reasonable. I used, like I always do when an opportunity shows itself, a mortar to mash it all up in to a perfect rub. First I mashed the herbs, salt and garlic together. The salt helps drive out the moist of the herbs and makes it easier to mash together to a nice paste. Then I added the peel of one lemon and the juice of half the very same lemon. The other part I stuck into the chicken with some more fresh herbs. Add olive oil until it covers the mash and plenty of black pepper. Now carefully use a knife to open up the skin of the chicken and take the rub and rub the inside of the skin, leaving chunks of it in there. This makes the meat get a bit of the action as opposed to only the skin have a great rubbed time. I popped the chicken in the oven and prepared some potatoes,  carrots and one red onion to go with the it. I just cut them all in half, rubbed them too in some olive oil and salt and pepper and then let them keep the chicken company for about one and half hour in 175 degrees or a bit more. I will get back to you with the result!

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