Grow your own food people!

So since I started this blog I’ve been getting alot of compliments on my writing in the post where I don’t mention the plot. THE plot! The plot that will free me from corporations deciding what and what not I put in my mouth. The plot that will show all of you how easy it can be to grow your own food and how little you need to do it. The plot that, after having spent hours in front of the computer, gets me out of my brain and into my body and out again to the real world of living processes.

The tool most people seem to lack in this society of virtual realities is time. But for yourself and all of your lovely unborn grandchildren, take that time! It is worth it and it makes you feel wonderful to see what type of plant a good old swedish cucumber comes from and how many seeds one single radish gives you. It is really an essential thing, growing your own food, and something we all should be a part of. It is only recently that we are so seperated from our food that we don’t even know where it comes from and how it has come to be in the first place. And it is mostly in this part of the world. I have grown up on (poisonous and imported) supermarket food and I had no idea what a cucumber plant looked like until a few years ago. I thought that milk came from grass! Because that’s basically what they told us in school. Now I’m feeling the old vegan twitching in me; we drink breast milk! It’s really quite disturbing. And what’s worse is that we buy the milk from what cows now? We have no idea! Even though the package shows cows gracing and have interviews and phone numbers to farmers you should never trust these cheap tricks to get you to consume whatever they are selling. You have NO IDEA what kind of food this cows are getting or in what environment they live in or if they’re calves are locked in a basement or already slaughtered or how many shots of whatever drug or hormones they have gotten. We buy the food from the supermarket because we think we have too. Because we submit to the state of things. I strongly encourage you to watch Stefan Jarls movie Underkastelsen about all the chemicals we have in our bodies, we don’t want more do we?

That’s why I started this blog, to inspire young more or less healthy people like myself who live in the city to start growing their own. You have to eat, you do it everyday, why then is food such a small concern to you? It should be your top concern! So please keep reading my posts about the wonderful garden plot and start one up yourself! If you don’t have the time, start it with friends and take turns, grow on your balcony or in your window sill do whatever just to see that process. One seed in some soil turned into a harvest of fresh, non-toxic and free food. It’s pure poetry. And by the way, cucumbers come from this plant:

Isn’t it beautiful?

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3 thoughts on “Grow your own food people!

  1. cmmarcum says:

    I like the way you mix cucumbers and cows. I guess that’s like salad and dressing, ranch dressing. Well, you and I may be beginners, but will give a good try…scratch that, we will succeed. I started a new blog today, called My Piece of Dirt. Come help me out when you get a chance.

  2. slevertina says:

    Of course we will succeed! If not in having homegrown food everyday at the table for all of the summer then we will have succeeded in actually pulling through and doing it ourselves! It’s a process to go from supermarket food to growing your own, there’s so much to learn and it’s not something that you learn in a year or two. Nature has its own ways regardless of ours that we must take in consideration.

    Oh exciting with another plot blog! Looking forward to reading it!

  3. lasuegra says:

    En saan vacker gurka!!

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