This is my mans plot (but it would be nothing without me!)

Salamu Aleikum! Now that winter is here and we are all dead from the inside and out, it is time to plan for better things to come. Like spring and a new growing season. In these theoretic times that acquire knowledge and a hunger for information, I am so lucky to be married to a natural science interested teacher! And to share our plot with a soil expert is another bonus. I just can’t stand natural science! As soon as I here the word my ears switches on the mute button and my mind drifts to the fuzzy and warm world of the Humanities. Aaah…people. Knowing about plants and what they do is a must, and unless you are willing to spend the rest of your life getting all the emperics and then pass on the knowledge to your grandchildren, you better start reading. I don’t, my husband does all that for me!

Wherever I go in the flat there is a bunch of papers with plants written on them, or drawings of the plot and which hour the sun sets in which month and so on. On every paper the sides are filled with scribbles about the natural world. He reads about every plant and remembers it! In this very moment he’s writing about polyculture that he thinks we should try. Thank god for him!

He is the one who, well actually we both have designed the plot but he is the one who knows what we are doing and why. It’s not like I’m completely clueless, but I find myself wondering what I would do if it was my plot and mine only. Strongwilled as I am, I don’t think much would be different. Except for example, Rachid thinks we should have alot of edible perennials, I agree but would I do the research to find those perennials? No! Would he? Oh yeah! I’m gonna try to force him to write a post about it all, so that I don’t accidently learn something.

News from the plot: we bought berry bushes! At this place, which was awesome! We go four raspberry bushes, two yellow and two red. And two blackberry, without thorns! One gooseberry, one blueberry plant which is very exciting. And one white currant and two black currant. We planted them along the sides, to shield a bit from the wind. Slideshow time!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On the way home we passed a yard sale and Nick bought a huge glass thing in which we hopefully will brew beer from our own hops. Does anyone have any information about beer brewing? I went in to the swedish beer brewers organizations website and they we’re all like “yeah it’s real easy, as long as you know about…….” 5000 things I’ve never heard about.  So I don’t. But I am very excited nonetheless! Someone will do the necessary research, and it wont be me!

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