Root loaf!

So yes this is indeed turning into a food blog! Dear god noooo! But don’t fret I will soon post something about the almighty plot! Meanwhile I’m going crazy in the kitchen making weird food and other stuff. Lots of glögg of course. I watched an episode of the very annoying guy at River Cottage‘s show and he made a gratin of salsify and some other similiar root. I love salsify and will grow the hell out of that next season! Being that half of the show consisted of him eating various delicious foods I got pretty hungry and since the only thing I had at home was roots I went ahead to make a gratin myself. But I didn’t want to wait for big chunks of stuff to get cooked in the oven and I didn’t want to cheat and boil them first so I grated all of it. A nice arm workout. While mixing it all together, looking at the red colour and feeling the consistency I thought of meat loaf and how I could turn this into a loaf.

When I was vegetarian I used to look longingly at the picture of the nut steak that looked suspiciously much like a meat loaf in the good old Crank’s cook book (AKA the vegetarian bible). I made it one day and was disgusted by that dry log on my plate. This is a much better alternative, it is so much cheaper, much juicier and it’s bright red! Looks like christmas on your plate with some rice and yoghurt. Try it out bitches!


4 beet root

2 carrots

1 piece of root sellery

1 parsnip

3 cloves of garlic

1 dl white wine

1 dl bread crums

1 dl cream (optional)

2 twigs of fresh rosemary, chopped

a pinch or two of cayenne

salt and pepper

sesame seeds (optional)

2 whole leeks

Heat the oven to about 200-250 degrees. Grate all the roots and mix in the other ingridients. Form a loaf in an oiled ovenproof thing spread sesame seeds over it and place the leeks beside them. Bake for about 45 minutes. The leeks will get burnt but just peel of the burnt parts. I have never baked leek before but I will again and again cus that was of the chaaiiin! Of course you can use any old root to make this. Just stay away from potatoes and you’re good to go! Good luck!

Rachid rates this 5 Selmas out of 5! A top score earned by creativity he says.

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3 thoughts on “Root loaf!

  1. lasuegra says:

    Congratulations with the 5 Selmas!!! That´s really something to tell your grandchildren one day; I myself have been experimenting in the kitchen today baking bananas with almonds, raisins, butter and honey, it turned out to be a lovely desset topped with vanille-flavoured whipped cream! Next time I might try to add some freshly made orange or lemon-juice….? Wonder have many Selma´s I´d get for that???

    • slevertina says:

      Why thank you, I am indeed very proud, you know how hard it is for me to impress Rachid! 😉 Your dessert sounds delicious and dangerous, gimme the recipe! I’ll go look for bananas in the dumpster, always an appetizing experience.

      • lasuegra says:

        I think the bananas should not be to ripe rather the contrary, actually that was what made me come up with the whole idea, the fact that the bananas I bought was not yet eadible, anyway her it goes:

        cut the peeled bananas in slices, spread with raisins, chopped peeled almonds, pieces of butter, drip with honey and orange or lemon juice (optional) all this in a baking pan covered with tin foil or a lock and bake it for let´s say 15 to 20 minutes at 180-200 º, serve with chilled cream whipped with vanilla-sugar. Bon apetit!

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