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A postponing post and a new challenge!

The word procrastinate fits me eeeeeeeew like a glove (two words: Ace Ventura). I’ve been meaning to post a long list of seeds that we bought and the design for the plot and some wise words about stuff I know absolutely nothing about, but nothing happens and now I see why. I can’t have a garden blog. A garden blog is for gardeners, biologists or retired housewifes niether of which I am even close too. Ok maybe the gardener is quite close since I do have a garden, and I’m about to get another one, but I have no right to actually go around calling myself a gardener as if I knew anything about manipulating nature.

On the other hand the whole point of this blog is to make people see that you don’t have to be a specialist to take care of your own needs like food. You don’t have to know anything or even be inclined towards gardening and still have a succesful outcome and an empowering experience. The thing is I have a lovely well red, natural science kinda husband who very well could qualify under the expert tab. I get no say in nothing because all my inputs about anything else but the aesthetics just proves how much I don’t have a clue about anything that has to do with creating life (in the non-human world that is).

Thats why, ladies and gentlemen, I’m getting my very own garden plot! Me and the beloved husband will have a show-down, allotment style! I am completely confident that he will win because I can’t abandon the original plot that would be like leaving your child during its first year when all the exciting things happen to it and when it needs you the most. But still, I shall prevail and be the proof to you all that with no, or very little knowledge, you can grow your own food! It’s not rocket science, it’s not even science, it’s pure survival baby.

By the end of this growing season you won’t have any excuse, so start growing basil on your windowsills and get some batik clothes cus come 2013, you are all bound to be a tad selfsufficient! WOHOOOOO!

and look, here’s the design! Pretty cool eh.


Back and hungry for revolution!

Yes I know, I must’ve given you all quite a scare disappearing like that. Well I’m back now as a better, more noble me since I nowadays attend the very distinguished Lund University where I spend my time watching movies like this and wishing my professor would spontaneously combust after presenting his 60th slide on his powerpoint presentation that mainly consist of his half assed theories and google searched pictures.

That movie is amazing though, you must all watch it and that’s an order! It brings you back to the romanticizing days of Che in the jungle. This is just like Che in the jungle only much, much, much, much better. It’s called The Coconut Revolution and tells the tale of resistance and the first ever succesful eco-revolution. Very impressing indeed. And the most impressing thing is not how the inhabitants of the island Bougainville overthrow a powerful british mine company and kick them out using nothing but good old sabotage and then fight the Papa New Guinea army with homemade weapons and later win independence, no this is not the most impressing thing. And it’s not the fact that they live on a blocked island and manage to be completely self sufficient in fuel, medicine and all other things using only what the island has, what the mine company and various soldiers left behind and lot’s of creativity and will. This is very impressive, but it’s still not the most impressive thing about this movie.

What threw me the most was the pure and truly genuine feeling of responsibility these islanders had for their environment and coming generations. The guerilla leader worked for the mine company at first but when he saw what it did to the jungle, how it kept ruining it making the mine bigger, polluting the riversystem and moving the people from their homes into shantytowns where they saw none of the million dollar profits the company made of their land, he decided to take matters in his and his peoples hands. It started with sabotage and then continued with an armed conflict and ended up in a whole new society built by the islanders themselves without anything coming in from the outside. They have huge gardens, their own alternative medicine practice (that to me looked similiar to homoepathy) and even their own hydro power system that gives electricity 24hours a day. They are using the most unique gift of the human race; their creativity. And they fuel their own joy of living by putting this creativity into practice and making up life as it goes along. By their own rules and by their own belief, and all the while they are happy that they were blockaded by Papa New Guinea or they would still be kept in the chains of capitalism.

So why can’t we smart and amazing westerners feel the same thing about our environment? True we don’t have that much visible environmental problems that really visualize the extent of the pickle we have put ourselves in (and when I say we I mean our parents, bastards!) but still, we are fully aware and we keep cutting down forest, polluting streams and oceans and think nuclear is the answer. Why don’t we realize, like the Bougainvillers, that we must live in union with nature because we depend on it and our children depend on it? It is so simple and yet we wont lift a muthafuckin finger to do a god damned thing about anything. Well I say ENOUGH!


Fade out professor-style with a googled image of a forest garden in Bougainville.

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