Who wants to give me a house with a yard?

Today is a Malmö day, meaning nothing but grey sky. No wind, no rain, not a gust of life outside. Days like these you wish your garden wasn’t situated several kilometers away from your home. To go to the garden on a day like today means extreme will-power. You must be determined. You must eat a large breakfast or lunch, go to the bathroom five times before you leave and dress in many layers. When you get there you must fight the urge to lay down and die under the power of the greyness. You must fight it with visions of future greenery. You must fight it with the muscle that is your mind and create another state of it, a state not so easily affected by the grey. You must focus your mind on the soil. The soil is never grey.

Ok so now I have no excuse, now I must muster up the energy and the will-power to go to the garden and sow salad and spinach, because I do want to consume these leafs in two months time. I shall prevail! Meanwhile, here are some pictures of the plot before everything happens. News are we have rhubarb! Must also kill all the grass that now wants to take over. Very important to kill grass. We are covering the paths with wood chips from the surroundings where they’ve cut down trees. Works well in keeping grass down. Today we’ve sown cabbage and brussel sprouts inside, cabbage takes such a long time to grow so better get started soon! Anywho, I will not keep you in my Malmö mood, if anyone has a house with a yard laying around, toss it over here!

Check out the fence, the rhubarb and the garlic growing happily in the otherwise dead garden. And behold the glory of my dripping iris!

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