Summa summa summatime!

Almooooost….sooooo cloooose….sooooon….aaaarrrggghhh my fingers are itching like crazy to get the fuck away from this here keyboard and out into the world of winds and fragrances and sensations. But first I have to finish my class in humanecology and write about the importance of gardening. It’s very interesting stuff but my mind is tired now and my body awake and ready to work. Meanwhile on the new plot, I have dug with the assistance of some young charming chaps and made a maze of soil so far. It looks amazing and I will get back to you with pictures. I have sown lettuce, beets, onions, salsify, broad beans, flax, carrots and spinach. The flax is green manure, meaning that it gives the soil nutrients as it grows, and I have made sort of a half circle with it to make a windbreak and a suncatcher in the keyhole. The other stuff is growing except the carrots and the broad beans that haven’t emerged yet. In the eye-shaped bed I have planted artichokes, marigold (the edible kind) and mangold. Thai basil and regular basil also but I think they are dead….Oh and comfrey in the keyhole bed.

When school’s out for summer I will read up on companion planting, fix the pond once and for all and dig up the last beds on the new plot. The new plot is so beautiful, the apple tree just flowered in white and pink and below it is a meadow of wild strawberries. And now I have an island of raspberry plants and I harvested some rhubarb (what was left of it after someone had stolen some of it…allotment criminality…I want their heads on spikes around the plot (yes I watch Game of Thrones, who doesn’t?)) that was delicious. And yesterday on the old plot we harvested big and beautifully red radishes from our own saved seeds, some spinach and ruccola that is delicious. Also some sage and thyme and a tiny undeveloped garlic. The developed garlic plants are up to my knee now…I’m so looking forward to harvesting them! We made a sallad and put some flowers from the chives on my new plot in it, yummy! Each flower has a whole bunch of small flowers that each have a very distinct chive taste. That was our first real harvest, the first of millions to come! I love summer!


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4 thoughts on “Summa summa summatime!

  1. Agneta says:

    Good luck! Too cold here for garden-work but soon, very soon…

  2. lasuegra says:

    Lycka till med slutet paa studierna!! kram

  3. slevertina says:

    Tack så mycket, snart är det över! Wohooo! Då ska vi leka! Kramar!

  4. Anette says:

    Hi, nice to find another kitchen gardener. What happened to your plot? Rained too much?
    Good luck in 2013!

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