Ok, so yesterday it rained! YEY! But also the power went away on a small vacation, and when it came back I was ready to post my design all happy and proud and my computer wasn’t plugged in properly and since the battery is dead it died down. I tried again and the same thing happened. Now it is dead forever. Typically when I’m starting the blog up again but then again everyone has a laptop laying around here even in the so called third world. And I get to buy a new unethical laptop when I get back to the first world! And I get to live instead of losing myself in the screen.

The design is done, it is even drawn out on the earth outside. My friend went away during the design process so I couldn’t ask her about essential information about where do the chickens go, do we move them or are they staying put or is the other side of the banana circle open for business. When she was back we just finished marking the path out so now I wont change it. We will start small with this one side of the yard and maybe we will have time to build a geodome chicken tractor out of bambu that we can integrate into the design. So the chickens can easily be moved and work the soil for us. We haven’t bought seeds yet so no plants are marked out on the design. But there will be alot of green leafy plants and then seeds we save from whatever we have eaten. I won’t be here for the harvest so it’s really not up to me anyway.

The banana circle will be filled out with more plants, my friends favorite yuca, commonly known as cassava, lemongrass, sweet potato, beans and tomatoes and maybe some papayas in between the bananas. The bananas are actually green banana. And I want them to put a shower in the middle as the bananas need alot of water. The paths will be lined with lettuce, mangold, arugula and other path greens. Later will follow amaranth, kale, peppers and whatever else we decide to get. In the middle of the waves there will be cowpeas, cabbage, ginger, aubergine, things that you don’t harvest that often. I will get back to you with a more complete design. First we need to mulch the spot before the rains hit and turns the plot into a jungle. We will use carton, donkey poop and grass that is used on top of ceilings on traditional houses here. Luckily there is some laying around and it is completely seed free! Then we will get sawdust for the paths so you can see the design and give your feet a nice welcome into the garden.

Lot’s to do!


Design on paper

Design on paper

Design on soil

Design on soil

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2 thoughts on “Design

  1. Lasuegra says:

    Looks beautiful to me!

  2. One gets so inspired, Selma! Thank you.

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