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Allotment symbiosis

Hej everyone! The chicken tasted great thank you for asking! Very lemony and yummy and all the surrounding veggies also got a nice acidity which I balanced out with some sour cream mixed with parsley. First time in a while that I felt food-happy.  Today the sun decided to make a guest appearance and mingled with the clouds, so we went to the plot and continued our sheet mulching venture. The lawnmower man had been at it again and we have collected tons of grassclippings and fallen leaves. Last time we were there we hade pretty much taken all the compost material that  our alotment neighbours had thrown in the line of trees next to our plot. Pretty much everyone throws it there so alot of it had accumulated. This time it was again refilled, since it’s autumn people are uprooting all the dead plants to have naked beds. Don’t do that! Just leave them on the ground and they will give back all the nutrition they have sucked out of the soil. Today I have a different type of recipe for you!


a bunch of newspaper

organic material

grass clippings

On your weed/plant covered garden bed, uproot everything but leave it on the garden bed. Add organic material (such as small twigs, compost, straw, manure, compost soil, leaves, grass, old plants, seaweed etc) and spread out over the bed until it is a 30 cm thick layer. On top of this put newspapers. They should cover everything so that no weeds can come up through them. (The newspapers kill everything underneath since they allow no sun to come through). On top of the newspapers put grassclippings or some other seedless organic material. Leave until spring and enjoy perfect, weedless soil and absolutely no digging!

So basically what sheet mulching is, is making your whole garden into a compost meaning you don’t have to dig and transport the soil but just make it on the spot and at the same time avoid weeds. Does it work? Stay tuned for more plotting for independence!

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