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The worlds cheapest and healthiest ice-cream!


This blog is my positive side, where I use lots of exlamation marks and sound real chipper all the time! Throw in a recipe and Martha Stewart can go **** herself!

I don’t dumpster dive, but guess who has done that for me? Yes, that’s right. In the dumpster of the supermarket there is always a shitload of bananas. When I was living with a dumpster diver she always used to make an ice-cream using bananas and cocoa. I didn’t really appreciate it because I was back in Sweden after having lived in Morocco where there is no edible icecream and Sweden is the land of dairy so I was just eating regular ice-cream (and loving it!). But today I made it out of desperation, I don’t have any chocolate in the house!!! And it was great, almost free and healthy! (Martha Stewart…you cow…)


frozen bananas


Put the bananas in some hot water for a few minutes so that you can peel them. Cut them into pieces, mix them with a blender add cocoa and voila! You can also not add anything and have a banana ice cream. Or just add your favourtie berry. I’m gonna try raspberry next time.

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